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Here’s what mothers and lactation specialists say about My Baby’s Nest:

“As a Lactation Consultant, I highly recommend My Baby’s Nest® nursing pillow. It has many unique features not available in other nursing pillows, such as the safety ridge to prevent falls, the extra long strap to accommodate the larger woman, and the varying bases to choose from as the baby grows. It is truly a deluxe nursing pillow!”
~ J.J., RNC, IBCLC ~ Oakland, California

"The other pillows on the market didn't fit well. And, I had to use stacks of sleeping pillows that had to be folded, pushed, and repositioned to get through a feeding. But not with My Baby’s Nest®. It eliminates the hassle of extra pillows and securely holds the baby, while taking the baby's weight off my stomach.”
~ Arleighn, a new mom recovering from a cesarean
Oakland, California

“I love to help my wife take care of the baby. Breastfeeding was a hassle as I was trying to make her and the baby comfortable and secure. But now, with My Baby’s Nest®, she is able to feed the baby without extra pillows propped everywhere.
~ Ray, a new dad ~ Stockton, California

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Our Mission
The mission of Parrilla Enterprises is to create, manufacture, and sell products that make daily physical- tasks safe and comfortable for all types of users. My Baby’s Nest® created by Parrilla Enterprises is intended to reduce repetitive injury and muscle strain associated with continuous nursing and to help promote an overall sense of well-being and comfort for nursing mothers. My Baby’s Nest® helps the new mother establish a positive nursing relationship early on with her infant, which in turn, has a positive impact on the infant's immediate health needs and overall lifelong health.

Whenever possible Parrilla Enterprises will manufacture with materials that have a minimum impact on the environment, and when such products are not available or are completely cost prohibitive for the consumer, Parrilla Enterprises will promote recycling and reuse of its materials.

Likewise, Parrilla Enterprises holds the highest regard for manufacturing that promotes environmental health. My Baby’s Nest® is the first nursing pillow available on the market to be manufactured with polyurethane foam free of PBDEs (polybrominated diphenyl ethers). In July 2003, researchers reported that significant levels of PBDEs were accumulating in the breast tissue of women and that PBDEs could interfere with brain development in young children. Consequently, Parrilla Enterprises sought to manufacture its premiere nursing product without PBDEs immediately, rather than waiting until the 2008 deadline set by the California Legislature for removing PBDEs from all consumer products.
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